"Ideas are funny things – they don’t work unless you do."
Learn the trade before you learn the tricks of the trade.

February 2023

A monotonous routine set by others that you mistake for some benchmark.
Knowing your customer is the best way of getting the most out of anything you do. But sometimes, you also have to educate your customer on how to get…
Creative passion is something to live for. But creativity and passion, solely cannot sustain you. Over time, financial independence becomes an essential…

January 2023

What’s in a name? A lot, I say. Ironically, the quote, “What’s In A Name?” is remembered because of the author’s name, Shakespeare.
Kindness is a virtue, however, a horse cannot befriend grass. This is my experience on why, as an artist, you should insist on getting paid up front.
There’s more to silence than just being ‘golden’. It is the power to hold yourself and understand others and channelize your energies better.

December 2022

#GratefulHeart Challenge
Come join me in gratitude

July 2022

#ComicSenseWithPapaCJ - Volume 1

May 2022

The Papa CJ Happiness Project goes to a children's cancer ward