Five interesting, engaging, insightful & fun conversations!

With Kabir Bedi, Smita Tharoor, Gaurav Bhagat, Garry Turner and Akhilee

Hello wonderful people!

I’ve had five really nice conversations over the past month or so that I’d like to share with you. Have a watch/listen when you find the time. Each of them has something different, interesting, engaging, insightful and fun to offer. 

My best wishes

Papa CJ


1. Garry Turner is an executive coach and cancer survivor based out of the UK, who’s work, amongst other things, centres around vulnerability. I enjoyed being interviewed by him and our spontaneous ‘Right Here Right Now’ conversation turned out to be fun, insightful and also quite naughty! You can watch it here:

2. Smita Tharoor has a podcast that focuses on unconscious bias. In the past she has spoken to Vidya Balan, William Dalrymple, Amish Tripathi, Nandita Das and Shashi Tharoor. After such illustrious guests, she decided to entertain a significant drop in her standards and speak to me. There is a snippet below and you can listen in to the entire error of judgement in Season 5 Episode 4 here: 

3. Akhilee’s conversation with me was centred more around the field of stand-up comedy and the first minute itself includes an anecdote straight out of my latest show, ‘Unbroken’. You can enjoy this chat here:

4. Motivational speaker Gaurav Bhagat was a year senior to me at my boarding school, The Lawrence School Sanawar. It was fun chatting with him on his ‘Smashed Bashed Yet Not Dashed’ podcast. He’s provided a very detailed description of what we spoke about in the YouTube description of this chat:

5. I also has the joy of being on the other side of the interview table. I spoke to the charismatic Kabir Bedi about his wonderful new book, ‘Stories I Must Tell’. It really is a very engaging read and if my words don’t convince you, then this conversation should (starts at 3.54):

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