Naked - The Comedy Special and Book

An attempt to lift your spirits

My Comedy Special 'Naked' can now be accessed via

The book is also available there. Watching the show is a different experience to reading the book and if you've enjoyed one, you will enjoy the other.

While both the show and the book will bring laughter into your homes, in the final moments you will realise that in the end, Naked is a story about hope. I can't think of anything else we need more in these trying times.

Wishing good health to your families and you. Enjoy the show/book!

Take care and stay safe.

My best wishes

Papa CJ 

p.s. - The show and book are in English and relatable for audiences in any country, provided you speak the language. Below is what some of the global media said about the show.

Here is an excerpt from the book (and show):

Mixtapes: The Greatest Show of Romantic Love (A humorous journey down memory lane to the age of meaningful lyrics

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